New Dark Night of the Soul Website taking shape

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6 Responses to New Dark Night of the Soul Website taking shape

  1. linda says:

    just wanted to say i’m looking forward to reading the site. it’s great to have a christian site on the web about the dark night. there aren’t many good ones out there.

  2. LJBLC says:

    I am in the “dark night of the soul” and have been for over 10 years now. Not until yesterday did I realize that what I was experiencing actually had a name. When I found the definition on Wikipedia this evening I was astounded that what I was actually experiencing was an actual phenomena.
    I pray that such knowledge will intial my ascent from this great valley . I thought 10 years was a long time to feel “abandoned by God” until I read of Mother Teresa.

  3. linda says:

    hi ljblc,

    i’ve been in the dark night for almost 9 years. fortunately, i learned early on about the concept but have only begun to read up on it more recently.

  4. LJBLC says:

    Linda thanks for responding to my post. I have checked back with the blog since posting and had not had a response and I wondered if it was still alive and active. Today I shared with a former friend about the “dark night” and he dismissed it — however, I am living it so I know that it’s real. Thanks be to God yet for his goodness and mercy — because of His grace I’m still here. Blessings and Peace to you and yours.

  5. linda says:


    i’m sorry your friend was so dismissive. there is biblical precedent for the dark night. certainly, what Job experienced would be the dark night.

    i’m very grateful for mother teresa’s book shining some light on a subject so few evangelicals know about. the books ‘dark night of the soul’ by st. john of the cross and ‘interior castle’ by teresa of avila both deal with it. if you find the english tranlations too difficult, there are some by a woman mirabai starr that are much easier to understand. she’s not a christian but she’s so upfront about that fact and any different use of language that i didn’t have a problem with her translation at all. it was much easier to understand.

    blessings to you as you walk this dark path as well!

  6. Keri Thorne says:

    I just discovered your web site! I was at an ascension study last night and John of the Cross and The Dark Night of the Soul were discussed. I wanted to learn more and I’m very happy I found you. I have only begun reading the first book thru chapter six and I am realizing that for the past twenty years I have been I have been on this journey. I am fortunate to have found a wonderful spiritual guide that has provided me with great lessons on my path to enlightenment and I want to thank you for the work you have done putting together this site to share the knowledge. I will be a constant visitor. Patience is key.